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I'm a Christian, businessman, an Army Veteran, a father, and your neighbor. 


I grew up working on my grandparent's farm in southern Kansas, regularly attending the church my Father pastored, and playing high school sports. 

I joined the U.S. Army in 2005 and served three tours overseas.  My time in the service taught me the value of strong leadership, the importance of integrity and character, and a sense of duty. 

Upon leaving the Army, I graduated from Cowley College in 2017 with a degree in Business and continued on to Wichita State University before launching my own independent freight company in 2019.

I've been privileged to meet many people from all walks of life as I've traveled the state hauling freight, and I've learned we each share these dreams:

  • Good jobs and strong local economies

  • We want our kids to have the best education opportunities possible

  • Safe neighborhoods and thriving communities

  • Lower taxes and a better quality of life

  • The opportunity to enjoy all the freedoms our Constitution established

Like you, I believe these dreams are possible with the right kind of leadership.  I hope to earn your support and deliver these things to your family and all Kansans.
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