"I want to work for you. What Kansas needs is an open and thriving economy.  We need to create more living wage jobs and lower taxes so you have more money in your pocket each month.  We need to see education reforms that close the academic gap and create positive learning environments for all kids.  We need to put party politics aside and work together to find solutions and get things done that create a brighter future for Kansas."



As a Christian Conservative I believe the Holy Bible is God's written word to us and I have built my core values upon that foundation.  As a Christian, I believe God's word directs us to preserve and protect human life, especially the unborn and innocent.  I believe in the Biblical standard for marriage, the traditional family unit, as well as the Biblical model for parenting.  Additionally, I believe in the essential nature of regularly meeting together for worship and fellowship.   


Kansans have a proud tradition of working hard to provide well for their families.  Unfortunately, the current pandemic has changed the economic landscape in a way where many hard working families are now struggling to make ends meet. The American dream was built on a model of hard work and freedom of commerce. As a business owner, I am committed to these ideals and I will work tirelessly to see a full restoration of our once thriving economy.


As the parent of a grade school student, I am personally invested in the quality of our education systems in Kansas. Currently, Kansas schools are inadequately staffed and under-funded.  Many schools lack the resources and technology to keep up with current learning trends. I will identify deficiencies and advocate for necessary updates designed to close the academic gap and create a positive learning environment for kids of all ages and stages.


I believe it is the duty of every American to preserve and uphold the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, as written. As a Kansan, I believe it is equally imperative for the Kansas legislature to abide by the tenets of the Kansas Constitution and its Amendments.  I will hold the Kansas legislature accountable to these standards as I hope you will hold me accountable.



The recent pandemic has impacted all of us, and personal healthcare choices have come under attack. In America, we take freedom of choice seriously; and that extends to freedom in personal healthcare choices. No government or organization has the right to regulate or direct your medical care or the care of your children. 


As an Army veteran and a former corrections officer and volunteer firefighter, I understand the importance of law enforcement as the first line of defense in protecting our communities and maintaining civility and order.  Additionally, in these uncertain times, I believe in maintaining a strong National Guard presence.


Simply put, transparency in government enables you, the Kansas taxpayer to hold your elected officials accountable  at all levels of government.  For too long, politicians have used outdated technology, convoluted online search systems, and mountains of paperwork to insulate themselves against public scrutiny and accountability with regard to public spending and legislative issues.  These systems keep constituents in the dark regarding transparency laws, freedom of information, and their right to freely express themselves. I believe every Kansan has a right to easily access this information, to ask questions about how and why tax dollars are being spent, and who benefits from special interest legislation.